Content Marketing Strategy

Strategy as a Service

Content marketing is the most cost-effective and analytics-driven method for reaching new customers on their terms.

It’s about building an organic relationship with your audience, not pushing products and hyping your brand.

At Brafton, every content marketing strategy is customized from scratch, backed by historical performance metrics, competitor analyses and future goals.

Marketing, at its core, is impossible without content. That’s why every asset should serve a very specific purpose within a larger campaign.

If it’s content, we create it.

If it’s digital, we measure it.

Content Marketing ROI

With a dedicated strategist and project manager assigned to your account, we track all deliverables, adjust tactics as needed and capitalize on all business opportunities.

There’s ROI behind every decision, line of copy and distribution tactic, and it’s our job to deliver that to you.

Using top digital tools and leveraging the collective expertise of dozens of in-house strategists, we know what works and what doesn’t.

After more than a decade crafting custom strategies for some of the world’s top B2C and B2B brands, we understand the competitive digital marketing landscape is more crowded than ever. That’s why we create content that not only has perpetual relevance but that’s calibrated to align with evolving search engine demands.

It’s quality or nothing.

Marketing Consulting Services

To inform your strategy, your dedicated Brafton consultant taps into a database of SEO, SEM, UX, analytics and audit tools to uncover every strength and weakness of your brand and those of your core competitors.

This includes detailed persona mapping and brand messaging consultancy, wholesale website redesigns, conversion optimization, link-structure analysis, in-depth keyword research and much more.

With easy-to-understand consulting packages to choose from, you have the entire power of Brafton’s content experts just a click away.

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Content Analytics

The numbers don’t lie.

If your content is performing well, it can still be improved. If it’s subpar, it must be optimized.

We cycle real-time metrics directly into the content creation process so that all assets directly map to your commercial goals. This fact-fueled model means you’re able to speak your customers’ language, outrank competitors in search and understand every bit of data associated with your site.

All strategists, consultants and project managers are trained on Google Analytics and have years of experience working with other analytics platforms like HubSpot, SEMrush, Moz and more.

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Full-Service Email Marketing

To feed your email marketing campaigns, you need content. To distribute your content, you need email.

This symbiotic relationship serves as a foundation of Brafton marketing strategies.

In addition to creating assets, we target your primary and secondary audiences by managing email campaigns from start to finish. This includes drip campaigns, lead nurturing, email optimization, asset launch consulting, newsletter list development and more.

Email is often B2B marketers’ most effective publishing and distribution platform, and we drive value out of every subject line and CTA.

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SEO Content Writing Services

The goal of all digital content writing is to serve searcher intent by providing a relevant, informative user experience.

Modern search engine algorithms grow smarter by the second, and they are specifically engineered using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s impossible to take shortcuts with content, as SEO is now mandatory for every asset.

Brafton writers combine the worlds of journalism, marketing, creative writing and analytics to offer valuable content that audiences crave and search engines reward.

To position your brand at the top of SERPs, you need expert writing optimized for search.

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Measurable Content Marketing

Your content marketing strategy is designed to deliver results. Through regular reporting, you and your Brafton strategist can take an in-depth look at your content marketing ROI. The immersive analysis provides insight into the long-term value of your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Assets

Exploring the numerous ways to shape your strategy is a two-way conversation between your brand and your Brafton team.

Successful content marketing requires diverse, multidimensional assets that provide a steady stream of useful information to readers and viewers. And our expansive product catalog is completely customizable to your specific needs: There are no one-size-fits-all strategies.

Among the top content marketing assets that virtually all brands can benefit from are:

To help launch these assets and ensure they serve your commercial goals, we utilize buyer persona research, site audit insights and competitor analyses, among other tactics.

We package all of these findings into a formatted deliverable that outlines our recommendations for which assets to use, when to publish them and how to measure their impact.

Each piece of content that’s created is more than a marketing asset; it’s also, fundamentally, a business asset.

Let’s Do Business

Engage Audiences on Social Media

As a workflow, content creation naturally leads into social media distribution. And churning out high-quality content that lives only on your site or YouTube channel minimizes the true value of content marketing as an end-to-end practice.

Incorporating a social media marketing program into your content strategy sends stronger ranking signals to search engines and amplifies your investments many times over.

In the U.S., 79% of the population uses Facebook. Globally, LinkedIn has more than 530 million profiles. Close to 80% of all social media activity occurs on mobile devices.

The scale of social media usage serves as a clear indicator of online platforms’ role within content marketing.

Integrating the power of content best practices with social media visibility is key. Consider:

Using social media allows your company to run fully formed media campaigns while putting all your content to work in more ways than one.

Campaign Measurement

Metrics-tracking and analytics-reporting are fundamental tenets of profitable content marketing strategies.

Your strategist compiles and measures all elements of your content and site performance metrics so stakeholders have insight into the trajectory of your digital campaigns.

Based on the data that’s uncovered, you can change your strategy, swap out your deliverables and target other opportunities if necessary. By having 360-degree awareness into the effectiveness of your campaign, your strategist implements updated tactics and pursues methods to keep your strategy optimized and charging ahead.

Generate Leads, Close Sales

A united marketing and sales department isn’t just an aspiration. It should be a business objective that’s executed on every day of the week.

Content marketing is a powerful link between disparate departments, as it fulfills the primary goal of all companies: winning new business.

Content is a lead-generation machine, driving top-of-funnel traffic into lead-scoring and -nurturing systems that sales teams cycle into their outreach programs. Successful content marketing turns site visitors into buyers, which requires the lateral participation of your company’s top marketers and sales reps.

On average, just 0.75% of leads result in closed revenue, and lead quality is marketers’ top hurdle.

Your strategist targets high-value leads and customizes content recommendations to convert those leads in as few touchpoints as possible. And it all starts with content.

Shorter sales cycles and faster deals? Sounds like a win.

Content Marketing is Commerce

Your website exists for one reason: to make money.

If your goals do not tie back to revenue, your strategy is flawed.

At Brafton, our strategists keep commerce at the forefront of all decisions. That’s how you show ROI, and that’s how you surpass competitors in search, in influence and in brand awareness.

Each year, content marketing budgets grow larger across every industry, and we attach a hard dollar value to the strategies we employ to put your company at the top of your market.

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