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Join a select group of forward-thinking marketers by pre-registering for ContentMarketing.AI. Gain early access to a tool that promises to transform your content marketing efforts, ensuring they are more efficient, effective and impactful than ever before.

Why Pre-Register?

Generative AI is available to nearly everyone, yet almost no one uses it to its full potential. That changes with ContentMarketing.AI. We’ve created a platform that lets marketers quickly, safely and confidently wield AI in truly transformative ways. Pre-registration gets you an early look at the platform.

When you pre-register, you get:

Exclusive updates
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Early access
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ContentMarketing.AI is built for marketers who:

Want to take their content marketing to the next level:

  • Use defined brand guidelines and target audience personas to make your content more impactful.
  • Expedite the content creation process so you can get more out the door in a short timeline.
  • Do more in less time without compromising quality.

Need to transform their brand presence through smart content marketing:

  • Creative Brief brings together your brand’s distinct voice, personality and values to deliver concrete guidelines for content creation.
  • Ideation points you in the right direction for impactful content creation. Get recommendations on topic as well as format to ensure you’re capturing your audience’s attention.
  • Content Creation delivers high-quality content designed to resonate with your audience and ensure originality and accuracy.  
  • Optimization helps you identify content that needs work, and gives smart recommendations for improving your content for your audience as well as the algorithms that impact its success.

Want to integrate AI into their processes in a low-risk manner:

  • Shorten the learning curve by using pre-built features that eliminate the need to prompt and reprompt.
  • Gain immediate access to the ContentMarketing.AI platform for yourself and your team.  
  • Lean on Brafton’s expertise to ensure AI-generated content is accurate, original and suitable for distribution.