Content for Goals: Engagement

If you have a healthy SEO strategy and a strong brand presence, it’s time to make sure your audience is fully engaged in your business’ message.

There’s more to web marketing success than getting a visitor to your website. Attracting your target audience’s attention is only half the challenge. The other half is keeping that interest and turning it into sales opportunities. This is why 88 percent of B2Cs and 81 percent of B2Bs list engagement among their top content marketing goals.

The third resource in our six-part Content for Goals eBook series goes past SEO and brand awareness, a little bit deeper in the sales funnel to explain how you can nurture initial interest into deals with your brand’s web content.

Download this free eBook to learn:

  • How to create content that gets prospects to engage more

  • What results indicate growing engagement.

  • How to discover which content formats have the highest engagement rates


Download it now and find out how you can keep your prospects engaged with your brand’s message as they move closer to a purchase decision.