Free Repurposing Worksheet for Top-Performing Content and Audience Intent

Are you one of the 61 percent of marketers who create every piece of content from scratch? It might be time to stop and take a look back at all the work you’ve done. Whether you’ve got a great asset that’s been converting ever since you published or a campaign that hit most but not all the target objectives, untapped potential lies within your existing content.

You can breathe new life into your existing assets by repurposing them into something new that will resonate with your audience. Whether your audience has a question you want to answer or you’d like to get more value from an asset that performed exceptionally, repurposing content can help. Our free worksheet will help you determine which assets to choose in either case and what you need to do to repurpose them for your current campaign needs.

Answer questions like:

– What content should I choose to repurpose?

– What should I repurpose the content into?

– Which metrics should I look at in my existing assets?

– How can content I already have map to different buyer journey stages?

For a closer look at how to repurpose your content, download our eBook. Reuse, Recycle Repurpose: Reach Wider Without Creating More provides more guidance on why and how to use the content you already have to better reach your audience.