Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose: How to Get More Out of Content

Content marketing is seen as one of the best ways to drive SEO results, but content creation strategies are hard to execute properly because they require so much time and effort. Around 93 percent of marketers produce content from scratch, which explains why 69 percent say their biggest content marketing challenge is time.

Repurposing offers a prudent solution. What marketers often fail to see is that they haven’t spent all of their content’s worth after it’s first published. The research, ideas, opinions, writing and visuals that go into projects – and high-investment formats, in particular – can provide fodder for additional assets.

In our eBook, “Reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose: How to get more out of content,” you’ll learn:

  • What a repurposing strategy is and why it’s different from straight promotion or re-sharing.
  • How to take the work that goes into a white paper and turn it value-added resources.
  • Why repurposing is also good for goals like SEO, brand awareness and thought leadership.

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