Aligning marketing and sales departments is every company’s dream, and many are finding account-based marketing does just that. While the investments are steep, the rewards of targeting fewer accounts that have a higher value are enormous. Can your company integrate ABM into existing programs? Would it be worth it?

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  • What ABM is and how it’s being used by marketers.
  • The potential benefits and drawbacks of ABM.
  • Why 60 percent of marketers intend to move toward ABM in the near future.
  • Why 97 percent of firms utilizing ABM report higher ROI compared to traditional marketing.
  • The value of hyper-focused account-level targeting and campaign personalization.
  • How casting a smaller lead net can pay off.
  • How content marketing complements ABM.

ABM is more than a 2018 buzzword. It could be your new business model.