YouTube Marketing Playbook

How to Use the Video Network to Fuel Brand Awareness and Show (Not Just Tell!) Your Company’s Story

Social media and video marketing are becoming mainstream for marketers across the globe. Want to use social to fuel engagement and leverage video for awareness or loyalty? YouTube can play a vital role in success on both fronts, as long as Page managers know all of the site’s features. YouTube serves more than 800 million monthly active users and first impressions matter!

YouTube has released a series of features aimed at helping marketers improve their Channels. Many have tried their hardest to optimize their Pages for maximum reach, but few are succeeding. That’s why we’ve created a YouTube guide that helps everyone set the (virtual) stage for success.

In Brafton’s YouTube Marketing Playbook, you’ll learn need-to-know optimization tips such as:

  • How to design a beautiful and branded YouTube Channel.
  • Simple ways to increase awareness through YouTube.
  • How to turn viewers into leads with CTAs.
  • Key metrics to gauge success and refine your strategy.

More than 70 percent of B2Bs and B2Cs use video content to market their products and services online – don’t you want to get in on the action, too? Download our FREE YouTube Playbook and contact us today to learn more about Brafton’s video and social media marketing services. We’re an all-in-one agency, so we have your on-camera and behind-the-scenes needs covered.