How It Works

Utilizing leading industry technology and email marketing best practices, your Brafton team ensures every email marketing campaign you launch is efficient, effective and quantifiable. We have the expertise to work with the email marketing platform of your choosing. From lead-generating asset launches to transactional emails to drip campaigns to data analytics, Brafton provides a full-service email campaign management solution.

Asset Email Launches

Content marketing assets, such as eBooks and white papers, are ideal lead generation tools. Not only do these assets provide a chance to collect prospective customer information, they help businesses establish thought leadership, generate brand awareness and provide promotional opportunities across a wide range of channels, including social media. Email represents an excellent channel for ensuring your assets reach your target audience and serve their commercial functions.

Working on your behalf, our marketers can create the email content that will be sent to your database of recipients, making sure links to dedicated conversion landing pages are included. Using proven content creation best practices and email user experience design expertise, Brafton writers are able to craft email content that grabs readers’ attention and holds on to it. Content strategists and our UX experts will also optimize email templates to improve readability across devices.

Additionally, your Brafton team can ensure emails are synced with your customer relationship management software to log converted prospects. With years of industry and technological experience, Brafton marketers can handle all coordination of asset launch efforts, including automatic responses and utilizing strong subject line and sender email addresses. By attaching a specific workflow to a download, you can ensure high open rates, downloads, and customized thank you messages triggered and automatically sent after a download has been completed.

Email Drip Campaigns

Your first interaction with a prospective customer is only the first step in the buyer journey. Whether you’re launching a downloadable asset or onboarding a new email subscriber, it’s essential to set up a series of touchpoints to routinely and automatically engage with prospects afterward. Successful email marketing isn’t just about starting conversations – it’s also about nurturing them into lasting business relationships.

Through email automation and other email marketing tools, Brafton can provide email drip campaign services to ensure your brand remains top of mind among prospects. Continue to deliver valuable content marketing that is relevant to prospects’ initial interactions with your business, all without overwhelming the potential customer with overly aggressive, unrelated follow-ups.

Email Nurturing

Effective email nurturing efforts go well beyond asset downloads and drip campaigns.

Your Brafton team can help you grow your list of subscribers with strategically placed newsletter sign-up forms, event opt-in forms and other email capture techniques. Effective email marketing must fit into your holistic digital marketing strategy, and part of that strategy is organically growing your mailing list.

We also use marketing automation tools to segment your mailing list into different levels of engagement and qualification. List segmentation allows you to zero in on exactly which type of content marketing best suits each segment, as well as when and how you should engage specific audiences.

Segmentation will be based on factors like a person’s business, their job role, how much they have engaged with your content in the past, and so on. From there, it’s vital to determine the type of content to send each group of prospects, ensuring it is unique and, above all, relevant to their wants and needs.

Email Analytics

Analysis of campaign data is arguably the most important part of our email marketing solutions. Detailed analytics allow you to learn from past successes and make corrective actions when necessary. Brafton content marketing strategists can work with your team to data-mine every email, identifying trends and providing expert advice on why, when and how to make adjustments.

We evaluate subscriber list growth, email deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, newsletter subscriptions and other metrics to gauge the success of each email marketing campaign – we then adjust the strategy as needed to maximize the success of our marketing services.

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