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Newsletter Management

Newsletters are popular among enterprises and small businesses alike for engaging with current and prospective customers, but many marketers feel overwhelmed by the technical and creative resources necessary to efficiently, effectively and consistently keep your target audience up to date on your brand and its offerings.


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How Newsletter Management Works

Your Brafton team, composed of a content marketing strategist, email marketing specialist, project manager and content writer, will work together to manage every aspect of your email newsletter campaigns.

Through Brafton’s expertise in full-service email marketing, including email template development, campaign management and newsletter writing, you can rest assured your email newsletters are tailored to reach targeted recipients and drive return on investment. By partnering with us, you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • A dedicated team with deep cross-disciplinary experience.
  • An end-to-end newsletter marketing strategy, including development, execution and long-term performance reports.
  • Confidence that your newsletter not only follows best practices, but is created with your audience in mind.

From content creation and inclusion of custom imagery and videos to email marketing automation and performance measurement, our content marketing experts will organize, oversee and execute on your strategy. With the Brafton team at the helm of your email marketing strategy, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most: your customers.

Develop a List of Newsletter Subscribers

Building a list of subscribers for your marketing automation platform or email newsletter tool is the first course of action. For this, we focus heavily on website UX. For example, we can conduct analysis using Google Analytics, Hotjar and other tools to identify potential conversion opportunities that can multiply your subscriber base. From customized website pop-ups to eye-catching calls to action, we make small changes that nourish your subscriber list with interested, qualified contacts who want to learn more about your brand. Providing website visitors with valuable, relevant content — such as an eBook or white paper — in return for their subscription is also a viable method for capturing contact information. 

Once you have a list of recipients, it’s essential to segment it to ensure your content is crafted to maximize desired outcomes. Your Brafton newsletter management experts are skilled in every email newsletter software. We can help you segment subscribers based on criteria including age, job title, geography, lead score and more. Newsletters can then be tailored to each segment, ensuring your content is pertinent and useful for recipients, supporting continued interest and trust in your brand. Equally important, we can advise you on how to create a compliant privacy preference center to keep you on the right side of CCPA, GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Newsletter Creation

Email marketing campaigns deliver significant ROI by reaching a large volume of people quickly and easily — and with personalized emails, no less. Newsletters live higher up in the funnel, but they are an ideal way to nurture leads toward a purchase. Whereas most email recipients are leery of overtly promotional content, newsletter subscribers welcome high-quality content that interests and benefits them. This includes industry trends, educational articles, thought leadership content and other highly useful materials. Our email marketers develop visually compelling, device-responsive email newsletter templates that package this highly valuable content into a monthly, weekly or even daily send.

Newsletter Content Best Practices

Brafton’s industry-focused writers incorporate email content marketing best practices into the creation of original newsletters geared toward your target audience. Move forward with confidence knowing that your campaign aligns with industry standards such as:

  • Optimizing everything from design to subject lines for mobile devices.
  • Extensive A/B testing to determine what does and doesn’t click with your target audience.
  • Customer-centric email frequency and timing to remain at the top of readers’ minds without overwhelming your customers.

Our content is also based on your brand’s specific subscriber personas to leverage the benefits of personalization and encourage a higher open rate. Everything from tone and style to structure can be tailored based on your unique requirements.

Subject Lines That Cultivate Engagement

Starting with subject lines that utilize language proven to inspire interest and urgency among recipients, along with personalized details, such as names and job titles, your content writer will ensure your email newsletters are laser-focused on cultivating interest and engagement.

Custom-Curated Newsletter Content

Most of the content that your newsletter features can be created from scratch or curated based on your existing blog posts and other assets from your content marketing campaigns.

Your content marketing strategist and project manager can measure the performance of existing collateral to determine which pieces of content resonate most with your target audience based on analytics and key performance metrics including:

  • Backlinks: These votes of confidence from other sites publishers are indicative of a page’s usefulness and quality.
  • Website traffic: What is the average number of visitors your site receives in a month? Where are these leads coming from?
  • Time on site: How long does the average visitor stay on your website? Where is that time spent?

Using this information, email newsletters can be created using repurposed content, both expanding the value of your current assets to subscribers and spreading awareness to new audiences. Your content writer will craft headlines and short blurbs to provide email recipients with tantalizing snapshots of the content to be found on your site, driving further traffic back to your website.

Deliver Your Newsletter Email Campaign

Brafton content marketing strategists are well-versed in the breadth of email service providers and have experience with every major newsletter platform. Using a marketing automation program or other newsletter software to segment recipient lists, create drip campaigns and schedule email send dates, your marketing strategist will employ best practices to maximize results. Based on hard data, we will provide guidance on the best day of the week and time of day to send your daily, weekly or monthly newsletter.

Permission-based marketing ensures your newsletters are received by the people who have voluntarily opted to engage with your brand. This will further improve your open and click-through rates, as will your team’s focus on website personas and historical performance.

Newsletter Performance Measurement

Your Brafton content marketing strategist will walk you through the results of your newsletter management strategy, including open rates, click-through rates and conversions, as well as how email engagement is translating to revenue growth.

High-quality subject lines are your foot in the door. Nothing within the body of your email matters unless someone is enticed enough to actually open the email. Unique HTML open-rates are absolutely critical in evaluating the quality of your subject lines.

Unique click-through rates will determine how well your message was received once a person opened your email. If the subject line is getting the first foot in the door, an email link click is the next step. We evaluate the quality of email content by the rate at which we entice visitors to click on your calls to action.

Based on the results of your email newsletter campaign, your team will adjust your strategy as necessary to improve ROI and ensure newsletters are serving specific commercial objectives.

Email Newsletter Types

Engaging your email subscribers with content that’s relevant to them is a calculated process. You’ll have more than one email list. Each email list might require a different type of email content because the subscribers on that list are at varying phases of the funnel.

Brafton ensures your mailing list appropriately aligns with the specific type of email newsletter you wish to promote. The type of email newsletter may also inform the type of newsletter software required, the necessity of bulk emails, the segmentation of your mailing list and the frequency of sends. Not all platforms are best suited for unlimited emails, after all.

Increase newsletter subscriptions with the following formats:


Promotional Newsletters

Amplify upcoming sales, product releases and new service offering information for existing and prospective customers.


Compile the latest industry news, trends and insights from around the web and deliver to your audience.


Provide valuable mid-funnel content to subscribers who aren’t yet ready to become customers. Stay in contact, stay top of mind.


Internal Company Newsletters

These range from updating staff on human resources initiatives, to keeping the workforce apprised of company success. All it takes is a simple newsletter recapping news, events, updates and more.


For companies experiencing seasonal fluctuations in business, a seasonal newsletter with time-specific information can prove lucrative.


Webinars, sponsored speaking engagements and conferences are key brand awareness and lead generation activities. Connect your email subscribers to these events to increase attendance.


Newsletter Examples From Brafton

See what makes a newsletter great — directly from our clients!

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Industry: Medical

Industry: Financial

Email Marketing Software to Power Your Newsletters

Email marketing is primed for automation opportunities. To auto-schedule deliverables, compile performance metrics, receive recommendations, design modular email templates and manage the day-to-day process of email marketing, you must be adept at the latest software, platforms and automation features. Additionally, regular upgrades and enhancements to the specific features, tools and applications within the system of your choice require evolving skill sets and expertise.

There is no single best email newsletter software. Different tools will offer pros and cons (e.g., a small business might not need something as robust as an enterprise). Brafton’s expert email marketers have deep experience using virtually every system on the market, including the most common platforms like:

  • Pardot.
  • Marketo.
  • HubSpot.
  • Campaign Monitor.
  • MailChimp.
  • Zoho.
  • Adobe.
  • ConstantContact.
  • ActiveCampaign.
  • Much more.

Because of our consistent use of these types of platforms and their latest features, Brafton can be allocated an account to your existing email marketing software or we can implement a new system entirely. The tool you ultimately select should seamlessly integrate with your CRM and, in many cases, contain a robust set of additional features that centralize other marketing activities, like calendar management, analytics, live chat, landing page creation, form fills and more.

At the bare minimum, an email builder with a free newsletter template hub from which to select designs can be a promising beginning to your future-state marketing campaign. With Brafton, newsletter software managed by an expert email creator is a direct path to ROI.

Create Your Own Newsletter Marketing Campaign

Even the most experienced marketer can feel overwhelmed when it comes time to develop, execute and measure a newsletter campaign. At Brafton, our goal is to make the process easier than ever.

From the earliest stages of campaign development to our end-to-end newsletter writing services, we’ll empower your brand to connect with your audience and achieve your long-term business goals.

We’ll advise on the cadence of newsletter sends (per month or quarter typically), new campaign tactics to experiment with and adjacent digital marketing efforts to support your newsletter goals. Together we’ll create new contacts, deliver high-value content and drive serious ROI.

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