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Software SEO Content Writing Services

So you’re a software company that wants more internet presence. You have a great product that you know your audience will love. People just have to know it exists. But, how do you make that happen?

Call in the experts: Brafton’s SEO content writing services can help your software company rank on Page 1, attract leads and drive business. Talk to a marketer:


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Why SEO Content Matters to Software Companies

Search engines are a common way for consumers and businesses to find new products, brands and information. Without any search engine optimization (SEO), your website content can exist, but it’s likely to be buried so deep in the search engine result page (SERP) as to not be discoverable. This makes SEO content writing a vital part of any content marketing strategy.

Here at Brafton, we specialize in digital content marketing, which includes SEO content writing. With a wide range of writing and SEO experts, we provide measurable results that can boost your SEO rankings. Not to mention, your site will look spectacular.

Of course, we’re not limited to SEO content writing. We’re a full-service content marketing agency. We can perform a variety of services that support SEO content.

Our comprehensive digital content marketing services come together to make your software business stand out in a sea of other companies vying for attention. Learn more about who we are and what we do at Brafton here.

SEO Content Writing Services for Any Software Provider

SEO content writing is one part keyword research and one part content optimization with quality article writing, all outlined ahead of time in a content brief. All of it’s done by an SEO writing service.

Why Use an SEO Writing Service?

An SEO writing service is what you use if you want the most number of people to discover your brand precisely when they’re looking for the type of relevant information you can provide. They’re seeking a solution, and you have the ideal one — whether they find you depends on how optimized your content is.

If you’re a software developer, you probably already know what SEO professional content writing is: Creating valuable website material (that is, quality SEO content) that ranks high on SERPs. When you have pages optimized for search engines, it could achieve the honor — and more importantly, traffic — of being one of the top results for a relevant search query. For example, if you want people to notice your premium antivirus software, it helps to rank high when people are searching for “best premium antivirus software.”

That part, you may already be familiar with.

But SEO copywriting is a constantly-evolving mixture of art and science. What once passed for good SEO optimized content might be considered outdated or irrelevant today. To put it simply, it’s become a lot more complicated. An SEO content writer has to constantly learn new things to keep up with the speed of the science (and the art).

There’s also many different types of SEO content writing services, including, though certainly not limited to:

  • Blogs.
  • Landing pages.
  • News.
  • Industry Analysis.
  • White papers.
  • Case studies.
  • Email blast copy.
  • One pagers.
  • Brand guidelines.

Some of these contribute directly to SEO; others can provide support to SEO-focused content writing and marketing plans. A high quality content writer can do many things for the success of your business.

See the Results for Yourself:

Shibumi on Brafton: ‘They Really Shared our Objectives’

“We presented a really professional outcome to our audience, and that’s all down to the work that the Brafton team did.”

– Andrew Wiltshire, Director, Asia Pacific at Shibumi

preply cs hero image case study

Hundreds of Leads (and Counting) for MoEngage

“The team works very efficiently and is very flexible. I like their PM tool — it makes it easy to access the content library and see the status at a glance.”

– Nikki Kyriakopoulos, Senior Marketing Programs Manager at MoEngage

How We Helped Allitix Go All-In on Thought-Leadership Contentnt

“Our SEO has boosted tremendously, our campaigns are more significant, our messaging is more impactful, we would have a much harder time marketing our services without Brafton.”

– Tori Hvizdak, Marketing Manager at Allitix.

How Can SEO-Driven Content Writing Benefit Software Companies?

SEO is about much more than making your content discoverable. Proper SEO writing helps improve your Domain Authority. This enhances your ability to rank in SERPs and encourages backlinks. These backlinks serve to boost your Domain Authority, creating an effective cycle of SEO -> domain authority -> backlinks -> domain authority -> back to SEO.

Written content, in particular, is the most versatile means of engagement for your customers. Written assets are easily shared across social media. They can pack a lot of information into an easily-digestible piece of content.

At the same time, writing can be supportive to other types of content, such as audio or visual material. The aforementioned cycle works best when several types of content are used at one time, each supporting the other.

What Else is SEO Good For?

While ensuring your website is discoverable through organic search is a primary goal of SEO content writing, that’s not the only reason to invest in this form of marketing content creation. In addition to capturing the attention of your target audience from SERPs, SEO copywriting can also:

Establish Your Brand as a Thought Leadership

Blogs, landing pages, news stories, industry analyses and white papers are prime examples of SEO content that can position you as a thought leader in your industry. These demonstrate your expertise on a given topic, giving you the opportunity to educate your audience on concepts they’re interested in and that you’re uniquely qualified to explain. When Brafton makes these types of material discoverable on a search engine, your credibility is boosted. 

Attract Qualified Leads

An SEO content strategy is great at broadening your reach and attracting people who may be at various stages of the buyer funnel. While thought leadership blogs and guest posts can complement your efforts and act as lead magnets, other forms of content can more effectively target the bottom of the funnel.

Organic search is used at all stages of the sales funnel: It can help consumers find relevant product landing pages, case studies and one-pagers, which leads to those same people having a favorable impression of your brand. This ultimately results in conversions.

Encourage Email and Social Media Engagement

SEO writing also has numerous cross-platform benefits. It can be particularly supportive to email and social media campaigns.

Email marketing programs rely on having a message to share with your audience. Compelling SEO content isn’t just for search; it can be shared in email newsletters, sales-oriented emails and more. Having a reservoir of high quality content makes kicking off or scaling up an email program much easier.

Once you have a great email newsletter to tout about, you can encourage organic site visitors to subscribe, thus growing your email list.

Likewise, your SEO blog posts or thought leadership pieces are great material to share on social media platforms. Social media is similar to SEO in that it uses algorithms that help determine a person’s experience on the platform — and in the way that your social accounts can be pulled into SERPs given the right query. This off-site interactivity can give your brand a boost in terms of brand awareness, reach and visibility.

Pair PPC With SEO for a Content Boost

PPC might seem like the opposite of SEO, but in reality, these diverse tactics pair well together. An SEO landing page often takes several months to gain traction and begin ranking at the top of search results. To rank on Page 1, search engine algorithms evaluate thousands of metrics, but it’s particularly important that a high ranking content:

  • Covers the topic thoroughly.
  • Lives on trustworthy, relevant websites.
  • Holds reader attention and encourages engagement.

Search engines take behavioral signals into consideration when determining a SERP, including how long the average person stays on your page, how many people leave immediately and how frustrated it seems your visitors become when interacting with your site. PPC helps to deliver those positive behavioral signals quickly by encouraging folks to check out your page through ads in search results, on websites or on social media.

Plus, with this tactic, you don’t have to wait for search to deliver your results; if you can encourage people to see your SEO conversion landing page by way of an advertisement, you may be able to jumpstart conversions before the page ever makes it to the top of the SERP.

Services That Complement SEO Writing

Creating SEO content is only one piece of the overall search optimization puzzle. Once your content is created, it needs a good home; if that’s on your website, it’s important that your user experience is designed to support a positive experience.

A text-heavy page, while good for search algorithms, aren’t always the most user-friendly. However, smart web design and UX strategies help your site visitors find what they’re looking for quickly, and present that information in an easy-to-consume way. For example, drop-down accordion sections or similarly-designed FAQ modules can even make a page with many thousands of words of text easily digestible.

The world of search is constantly changing, which means your SEO content does have a shelf life. SEO reoptimization using a search performance brief (SPB) is how you make existing content new again. At one time, it may have been the top-ranking page on a SERP; but as trends change, so does SEO value. You can reinvigorate your older web content with freshly SEO optimized material.

The best way to optimize existing web content varies on a piece-by-piece basis. Sometimes, it means rewriting the whole thing; other times, just a few tweaks are enough to make the content fresh again. Some situations might call for creating supportive media such as infographics or video to elevate a page.

The power of Brafton lies in our ability to identify these needs, but also execute on them. Our creative production teams, including video, graphic design, social media, consulting and more, work together to create cohesive strategies for our clients.

The result is a powerful team that excels at literally every aspect of digital marketing.

Why (and How To) Choose an SEO Content Writing Agency

Let’s first address the “why” of an SEO content writing service. Because yes, you could try to do all of your content writing in-house or hire a freelance writer — but working with a team of experts can ensure your SEO project gets off the ground and onto Page 1.

The big problems with DIY projects are a lack of diversity of talent, time and quality control. Your in-house pros are busy enough being software experts, leaving little time to perfect an SEO blog post or landing page.

As for freelancers, they might be an expert in SEO, but are they an expert in your field? Short-term freelancer relationships may reveal good writing skills, but little to no knowledge of a particular industry or target market. Quality control is tough with freelancer talent, which leads back to the in-house bottleneck: In-house professionals being tasked with proofing content, even though they’re busy enough with their own workload.  

Then there are content marketing agencies, where you have access to a variety of writers and SEO specialists. While an SEO-focused team can help you establish your Page 1 presence, they may not have the team to handle supportive services, such as email copywriting, PPC strategy or developing a thought-leadership guest article initiative.

You’ll find the most benefit with a full-service marketing agency that has experts from a variety of disciplines. Not only do you get the advantages of working with an SEO content writing agency —  a specialized elite squad of SEO champions — but you’ll also have access to PPC experts, social media strategists, email marketers, graphic designers, and more. Together, this multidisciplinary approach ensures all your marketing content and campaigns complement one another, as all pieces go through rigorous processes to ensure you’re getting the best possible content with measurable results.

OK, So Which Agency Should I Go With?

There’s more than one SEO content creation agency out there, so it helps to do your due diligence in finding which is right for you. You’ll want to ask questions like these:

  • Does the agency have experience in my industry?
  • What types of content can they produce?
  • Do they have a record of verifiable results?

Yes, we’ve been hyping up ourselves this whole time, because Brafton has all these qualifications. We have employees from all over the world with exceptionally diverse backgrounds and skills: talented people from Australia, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. They’ve been writing, strategizing and creating for your industry for years, with clients ranging from small startups to large enterprises. We’ll match you with people who have an established record of success with companies just like yours.

Wide-Ranging, Strategic Support for SEO Content Writing

SEO has become an essential aspect of digital content marketing. Without optimized content, you’re far less likely to be discovered. Even if someone makes it to your page, if those aren’t created with SEO in mind, you may have difficulty getting users to engage with it.

That’s why different types of content come together to support SEO content writing. Having a holistic marketing strategy that includes SEO and its associated disciplines is the best way to get noticed and keep attention on your brand.

There’s more to crafting the ultimate SEO presence than just writing. That’s why we emphasize that you’ll work with a multi-faceted team who will back up the writing with various content types that put it over the top.

All of this comes together to create a comprehensive — dare we say, ultimate — SEO content writing agency.

Brafton is a full-service SEO content creation agency. We do a lot of things, all with the singular goal of making your brand stand out from the competition with great content.

Brafton is a full-service SEO content creation agency. We do a lot of things, all with the singular goal of making your brand stand out from the competition with great content.

Get in touch with us and let’s explore the possibilities.