Boston University has been recognized for success in social media, offering insight to social media experts and content marketers.

The Shorty Awards have recognized brands with savvy social media marketing strategies over the past five years, and have ushered in a new category for this year’s contest – “college.” Universities and colleges that post content to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+ are being recognized for their social media marketing successes. The ability to generate brand awareness and a social media presence can help a university foster a community that encourages engagement, communication, fundraising success and more prospective students.

Boston University could be awarded

Dean Elmore on Twitter

According to BostInno, Boston University’s College of Communication is currently in fifth place. The college’s Twitter account “@comugrad” has 3,000 followers, which is impressive considering it was started in 2012. The school told the Shorty Awards that it seeks to Tweet with “a human voice that reflects the collective personality” of BU and its students. “[We’re] a school, not a robot. [We promote] engagement, news, BU-related promotion and general nonsense.” Instead of relying on automated updates that don’t capture the fun and unique personality of BU, the college’s marketing team seeks to develop custom content that shows off a branded voice.

Boston University’s Dean of Students, Kenn Elmore, is in sixth place. He refuses to shorten some BU-friendly words and phrases, such as Sasquatch, a well-known hockey fan who strips down during home games, according to The Shorty Awards. Elmore, known as “@DeanElmore” has 12,000 followers on Twitter.

College is unique, but marketing strategy is relevant

Although “college” is a unique category in the contest that may not seem relevant to all brands, social media marketers can look to schools like Boston University for some tips and tricks. The university dedicates time to creating a relevant, fun and friendly presence that engages students, alums, sports fans and others. It has successfully built a brand by leveraging social media content on sites like Twitter, Facebook and more.

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and accept nominations from the general public. According to, those passionate about a brand can nominate and support their favorites by Tweeting or through the website. Awards are given based on overall content creation and presence, not just on individual posts.

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