Brafton Inc. has appointed former Vice President of Account Management Sarah Cugini as chief client officer.

Press Release from Brafton Inc.

Brafton Inc. has named longtime Vice President of Account Management Sarah Cugini its first-ever Chief Client Officer.

Sarah’s commitment to premium customer experiences and her strategic content marketing consultancy stem from more than 10 years in successful client relations at Forrester Research and other consulting companies. Her promotion marks the business’s shift from “old-fashioned account management” toward more fully realized strategic collaboration, and puts further emphasis on customer experience.

“Sarah has spearheaded a range of key initiatives designed to improve the end-to-end experience for Brafton clients,” CEO Richard Pattinson said. “Happy clients make for a healthy business, and our Chief Client Officer is superbly placed to lead us forward in this regard.”

Chief Client Officer Sarah Cugini

Chief Client Officer Sarah Cugini

In 2014, Sarah was responsible for overhauling the agency’s client satisfaction survey, resulting in strengthened long-term partnerships. She also initiated new vendor relationships to improve Brafton’s consultation services, including the search analytics platform SearchMetrics.

Sarah’s main focus for 2015 is providing the agency’s cross-country account management teams with the necessary tools to provide premium consultancy.

“We’re going to focus on our team’s content consultancy and expertise to give clients best-in-class marketing. We’ll work harder than ever to build and refine strategies highly optimized against our clients’ goals,” Sarah said.

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