I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend! Now we’re heading into the final stretch of the year and I bet you’re looking to get those last-minute sales. Click play to watch the video and find out why this isn’t a good strategy for 2014, or read on for the written transcript. 

New data from The Wall Street Journal suggests you shouldn’t bank on impulse purchases. A recent study of consumer habits found that people are leaving this behavior behind.

So why is impulse buying becoming a thing of the past? Consumers are empowered and they’re doing their research long before they ever reach the register. Which is exactly why we all need to focus on creating quality content.

These days, the average buyer consults about 12 sources before they make a decision.

This isn’t just a decision about whether or not to reach for that pack of gum at the counter. It’s about researching products and services well before you even set foot in store or agree to talk to a sales rep. Consumers know what they need and they know what they have budget for.

These days, the average buyer consults about 12 sources before they make a decision. And – sorry salesmore decision makers than ever before prefer to go through the entire vetting process without taking a call. Most would rather research options on their own and get on the phone only if they have any questions.

New buying behaviors turn traditional marketing on its head

Companies used to pay a premium to be placed in the most opportune locations, but they can’t just rely on being in the right place at the right time anymore. Marketers have to consciously educate their prospects and give them reasons to choose their brands.

This is good information and all – but what’s the point?

Web content is the way to educate customers

Organic information packaged in ways that people want it – written articles, engaging videos like the one above, and stellar graphics – are the ways to reach people, communicate your value propositions and show buyers why your products are better than the rest.

If you don’t have free information online that’s available to searchers, you might be invisible to deliberate shoppers who are going directly to the brands they have already looked into and think are the right fit.

Thanks for watching this week’s Content and Coffee! Now get back to work.

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