The dust is just settling from the 3,500+ attendees that eagerly flocked to Cleveland, Ohio, last week to glean insights from industry experts and hone their content marketing skills at the sixth annual Content Marketing World. While attendees are likely looking for ways they can implement the insights they gained, those that had prior obligations or missed the memo now must search the internet for takeaways from some of the industry’s thought-leaders.

Below are a few of our favorite pieces of advice from CMWorld 2016 attendees that we’ve deemed worth reading – and if you’re really not feeling like the lean, mean reading machine we know you are deep down inside, we have a TL;DR version of each as well.

So sit back, relax and explore this meta recap of the best recaps of Content Marketing World 2016:

Content Marketing World: 30 Ideas From Industry Experts by Susan Moeller

Moeller’s list of 30 ideas from industry experts like Rand Fishkin, Jay Acunzo and even Mark Hamil provides some terrific, actionable takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016. In her BuzzSumo post, she presents a nice mix of information, ranging from how-to tips to quotes to key insights into the future of Content Marketing.

While fairly dense, this recap is loaded with a bevy of useful information for both the novice and seasoned content marketing professional.

CMWorld 2016: Finding Your ‘Why’ by Jill Golden

Golden has attended every CMWorld since 2013, so if you’re looking to know more about the evolution of the industry, she has the first-hand experience to provide the information you seek. That being said, Golden’s recap of CMWorld 2016 focuses heavily on finding the purpose behind what’s driving your content.

This recap is worth reading if you feel like your content marketing strategy is lacking direction and you’re in need of re-centering to start creating purposeful content once again.

20 Quotes That Defined Content Marketing World 2016 by Sean Callahan

Sometimes less is more, and this list of quotes is a breath of fresh air for those that are getting burnt out in the post-Content Marketing World hoopla. Much like the list that you’re currently reading, curated by yours truly, Callahan condenses what he feels are the main takeaways from CMWorld 2016 into easily digestible, bite-sized quotes.

Read this recap if you’re short on time but still want to contribute to the CMWorld conversations taking place around the water cooler.

Content Marketing World 2016: snapshot of the discipline by Doug Kessler

More of a midway review than a recap, Kessler’s CMWorld commentary focuses on the importance of going all in on your content marketing efforts. As he puts it, “Content marketing has transitioned out of its teen years and is entering full adulthood.” Kessler said this signals content marketing is likely to dissolve back to its core discipline as the industry matures.

This is a great read if you need to squash any questions on the viability of content marketing or want to know what insights this year’s Content Marketing World held regarding the future of the industry.

The Most Important Stat in Latest Content Marketing Report by Jeff Cohen

Taking a step away from the creative mindset and placing content marketing in the context of a more corporate understanding, Cohen presents the must-know stats and facts for businesses from CMWorld 2016. He touches on a lot of the same ideas and concepts as the previous examples, but contextualizes them nicely for a corporate audience.

Cohen’s recap will help you explain the main takeaways of CMWorld to your colleagues who aren’t in the day-to-day content marketing trenches with you.

Kyle is the Marketing Manager at Brafton. He is a Rhode Island native with a love for marketing, food, the ocean, music, dogs & naming things he loves.