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What is content marketing?

Nobody likes to be sold. We collectively tune out ads, fast forward commercials and glaze over during sales pitches. At the same time, the demand for CONTENT is higher than ever – and that’s not our opinion at Brafton: it’s proven in study, after study, after study. Today’s buyers are well on their way to making a purchase decision before they contact a company – and that’s where content marketing comes in.

60% of B2B decision makers say branded content helps them make better purchase decisions.

61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer custom content.

Say something. Say it well, say it often.


Successful content marketing is communicating the right message at the right time to your customers. The strategy starts with defining buyer personas and identifying questions they ask during their buying process. Then marketers, creatives and business stakeholders can decide which content types – at what frequency – are best suited to answer these questions. Weekly blogs? A quarterly infographic? Maybe a monthly video tutorial.

Once these elements have been defined and documented, you have the foundation of your strategy. At Brafton, we call it a Creative Brief.

Whatever the content mix, whenever a buyer visits your site, he should find something fresh, relevant and timely to greet him. Brands that educate prospects – better than someone else – earn trust and credibility. An entertaining learning experience brings people back to your content and company, so when they’re ready to buy, it’s with you. That’s the ultimate goal of any successful content strategy.

Be heard around the web

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In today’s search space, content marketing is search engine optimization – just ask Google. Content is cached, ranked and delivered after scrutiny from Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird. At Brafton, we aim to please your users – who are harsher critics than the algorithms. Plus, the more often people click to your content, the more you influence their personal search results, bringing you one step closer to winning more customers.

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People expect social updates faster than the speed of Twitter feeds. A content archive and a consistent editorial voice helps you stand out as the (teacher? friend? icon?) customers want to follow online and off. 72% of marketers agree: Updated social pages help influence deals. Your content marketing plan should put your words and images to work across social channels for every opportunity to drive impact. 

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Newsletters and nurture campaigns, no sweat. A solid content marketing foundation encompasses the blogs, vlogs and eBooks that become resources for ongoing email strategies. By matching send segments to personas targeted elsewhere around the web, you have the chance to more closely align your efforts and get the most from content marketing. Reduce, reuse, recycle – aka repurpose your content – for ROI.

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