Standing out among competition is a top challenge for marketers this year, according to new Experian research. Here's three tips to increase brand awareness.

Strong storytelling can help brands stand out from the pack and new research shows marketers realize the competition is growing. Experian’s 2015 Digital Marketer Report says the top challenge among marketers this year is branding – 49 percent of marketers listed it as their top challenge, up from 39 percent the previous year.

Brand awareness means your audience can clearly identify your values, identity and voice across the web. We like to think of it as recognizing one individual in a sea of people (because ultimately, there’s no place more crowded than the internet.)

While marketers cite brand awareness as a top challenge, they’re also actively trying to improve their strategies.Around 46 percent of marketers consider it their top priority to create better brand storytelling so they can stand out among the competition.

3 ways to improve brand awareness

Perhaps Oscar Wilde was talking to brand marketers when he said “be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Marketers know that in order to catch a customer’s attention (and more importantly, hold it), they need to offer something valuable and unique. Here are a few simple ways to improve brand awareness:

  • Custom visuals and illustrations: Visuals increase willingness to read, and they’re memorable. When in doubt, jazz up stock photos with branded elements, or create a style-guide for your custom graphics and illustrations. (Here’s a look at the custom illustrations our designers have made for clients.)

Branded Illustrations in Blog Example

  • Consistent brand voice: Whether it’s a professional tone, pun-heavy or completely casual, stick to a voice that represents your brand across all channels. You don’t want to confuse your audience with multiple personalities on social, email and your site.
  • Long-form content: Creating long-form content allows a brand to bring the facts to a story, but also add a fresh perspective. Through long-form content, brands have the opportunity to showcase thought leadership, prove knowledge and build trust. These are factors that people will remember when they’re looking for someone to meet their business needs.

For one client in the food and beverage industry, we tested a storytelling approach, with long-form, in-depth articles. The result?  2x more engagement, 2x longer time on site (Details here)



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