Email frequency is a "challenge" for marketers, it has been explained.

Writing on DMNews, sector commentator Dianna Dilworth states there is a delicate balance between how often an email should be sent out to clients and the amount of silent time that should be used to give the consumer a break.

She explains too many emails can lead to negative brand recognition and increase the chance of a customer deciding to opt out of such a campaign, using the example of a brand which has emailed her almost every day since she bought an item from them.

"Just because I made a purchase does not mean that I’d like to hear from them daily. In fact, I am more likely to opt out if the frequency keeps up," Ms Dilworth adds.

Concluding, she states the key to a smooth email marketing campaign is as much about knowing when not to send as when it is right to make contact.

Meanwhile, a post by industry commentator Stuart Hobbs on ITWales suggests brand marketers use email opt-out landing pages as a click-through to other products.

Katherine Griwert is Brafton's Marketing Director. She's practiced content marketing, SEO and social marketing for over five years, and her enthusiasm for new media has even deeper roots. Katherine holds a degree in American Studies from Boston College, and her writing is featured in a number of web publications.