Google outlined its policies for social media marketing practices on Google+ on Tuesday.

As expected, more information regarding Google+ was unveiled when the company released its guidelines for promotions and other offers posted to company Pages.

According to Google, companies turning to Pages for social media marketing may post links related to contests and other promotions, but the offer may not be housed directly on the Google+ page. For example, coupons may not be posted as photos to Google+ Pages for customers and prospects to print.

While the policies may seem limiting, it’s likely that Google is simply hoping to avoid any potential hassle, as other major social networking websites have similar restrictions.

Opening Google+ for enterprise use represents a major step for Google, as it looks to compete with Facebook and Twitter for users and marketing attention.

Google opened Google+ to businesses on Monday after months of speculation, Brafton reported. While it took one day for the service to become available to all businesses, the response has been strong. Among the first companies to receive Pages were Pepsi, Toyota and the Dallas Cowboys. 

Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.