Instagram adds an easy embedding feature that helps brands complement text-heavy content with visual media.

People in the SEO world who have been following along as Vine and Instagram battle for the title of top video content platform might hear the bells of another round as Instagram makes its latest counter. The still-image gone motion-picture platform just announced it’s introducing an easy embedding feature, which will appeal to brands using the application to fuel their content and video marketing campaigns.

With a couple clicks of the mouse, marketers can integrate their photos and videos into web content to increase engagement and add context to social media updates.

“You’ll see a new share button on the right side of your photo (just under the comments button). Click the button to see the embed code. Copy the block of text it gives you and paste it into your blog, website or article. When you hit publish, the photo or video will appear,” the official Instagram blog announced.

This might give Instagram the extra power it needs to push Vine up against the ropes and take the leader role. Brafton’s latest coverage of this match detailed Vine’s attempt to stay in the ring by adding a slew of new features to improve user experience and play up shared content’s viral potential. One notable function was revining – the ability of members to spread outstanding videos easily with larger networks.

The Apple Free App Chart shows Vine is still more popular with users than Instagram.

This move might have helped Vine rebound and capture consumers’ attention. Apple’s Free App chart shows Vine has a lead on Instagram. The former is securely in the 23 spot while the latter trails at 25.

To move into the lead, both platforms will need to demonstrate their inherent value to marketers and consumers alike. Both are looking for innovative features that make it easy to share visually compelling content with their social followings so they can strike viral gold.

Lauren Kaye is a Marketing Editor at Brafton Inc. She studied creative and technical writing at Virginia Tech before pursuing the digital frontier and finding content marketing was the best place to put her passions to work. Lauren also writes creative short fiction, hikes in New England and appreciates a good book recommendation.