StumbleUpon rolled out new features aimed at making it easier for users to find popular web content and see which pages other people have enjoyed.

StumbleUpon recently rolled out a new design, featuring a visual layout that makes it easy for users to find content based on their interests. Previously, people could only “stumble” through the network’s content by selecting categories and seeing what the program produced. However, users now have more control over the pages they see, as well as new discovery options.

For marketers, StumbleUpon’s new format could help drive more traffic to sites since users will now see trending content. Pages that receive the most attention from users will appear more prominently. Aside from easier access to relevant content, StumbleUpon has actively worked to make the platform more social. It’s based this feature on social signals, such as Likes and shares, used on other prominent platforms. Additionally, people can preview sites receiving more attention from other users with improved images and descriptions. This helps audiences understand the reasons why top content is stumbled and helps them decide where to click. Essentially, the inclusion of social data tells StumbleUpon which content people are likely to enjoy to improve the overall experience with the platform.

Like older versions of the site, StumbleUpon still allows users to choose which content categories they want to view. However, content is now color-coded based on category, so users can see which topics they look at most frequently.

Content marketing strategies have always been about developing articles, infographics and other content that will engage users. Now, sharing this content on StumbleUpon can result in more views and attention for articles attracting larger audiences.

Appearing within StumbleUpon’s network of sites can help organizations drive other parts of their social media marketing strategies. Brafton reported earlier this year that Facebook and StumbleUpon integrated tools to allow users to share content on their Facebook Timelines.


Joe Meloni is Brafton's former Executive News and Content Writer. He studied journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and has written for a number of print and web-based publications.