Twitter launched new keyword match options that help put targeted Tweets in front of ideal audiences.

Brands that use Twitter for social media marketing may enjoy the latest feature from the platform, which helps marketers position their Promoted Tweets next to trending topics. Twitter introduced new keyword options that help professionals target their Tweets toward specific audiences based on who users follow and connect with on the site.

Twitter KeywordsThe social media company launched three new keyword matching options to help marketers create campaigns that build brand awareness. The options – exact match, phrase match and keyword match – will be familiar to professionals managing their SEO content keywords for search marketing efforts.

Twitter also allows marketers to use negative keywords. This feature helps brands avoid placing their ads next to irrelevant trending topics. In addition, branded Promotional Tweets will automatically start showing up as part of trendy subjects.

Twitter provided this example on its official blog:

For example, if a celebrity’s pregnancy news starts trending, and you’re a retailer of baby clothing, your Promoted Tweet may be entered into the auction for that trending search.

Marketers can also import keywords from other online advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads. This helps professionals develop streamlined and harmonious promotional campaigns centered around the same core phrases.

While the new Promoted Tweet options help brands create social media content for Twitter that reaches segmented audiences, simply publishing posts about a topic won’t generate ROI. Brands must proactively manage their social accounts, updating them with a variety of promotional and engaging Tweets to build relationships with prospective and current social connections.

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