Brafton & BakerSEO Present: The 3 Pillars for SEO Success in 2024

Propel your content to the top of your most important SERPs with these pillars for SEO success.

Level Up Your Content Strategy With These Mainstays of SEO Success

Creating high-quality, top-ranking SEO content is no walk in the park. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a marathon, either.

In this webinar, we’ll give you the keys to unlock unprecedented SEO success through three core pillars: Intent, Analysis & Audit, and Topic Coverage.

We’ll be covering:

  • Why psychology matters more than technical SEO.
  • Ranking factors — where they were and where they are now.
  • Best practices and instructions for conducting SERP analysis and audits.
  • Evaluating topic coverage and gaps for your content strategy.
  • Creating the best content on the web.
  • Generating a blueprint for success.

Ready to start ranking on the top of Page 1? Now’s your chance! Don’t miss out on these essential SEO best practices.

Speaker details:

Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker is an SEO expert, as seen on Moz, Search Engine Land and Shane Barker. He has worked with over 500 clients over 10+ years in the industry.

Lauren Fox

Lauren Fox is the AVP of Marketing at Brafton. She has grown the Brafton blog from 30K to 230K monthly visitors and tripled its newsletter subscriber base over the course of three years. Her expertise ranges from content research and planning to performance analysis, with a focus on content strategy.

Tom Agnew

Tom Agnew is an entrepreneur specializing in building content marketing, martech and information services businesses. Over the last seven years he has founded a group of companies that today are North America and Australia’s leading content marketing agencies, employing over 370 professionals worldwide.