Here’s the problem with SEO: Most people have no idea if it’s working.

Especially the people who need to know, like founders and CEOs!

We’re making you a promise:

By the time you finish this webinar, you’ll have the tools to calculate SEO’s impact on your business.

We’ll discuss:

  • Commercial SEO clicks: What they mean and how to calculate them.
  • Making sense of your data: Commercial-intent clicks are behind everything we will calculate, therefore we need to know how to manipulate the data in a way that makes sense.
  • Marketing- and sales-qualified leads: Calculating the number of clicks required to generate each on-site conversion and sales-qualified lead.
  • Extrapolating dollar values: Converting SEO efforts into a dollar value.
  • Projecting future results: Using all of our data to determine what will happen in the future.

Now’s the time to show some true ROI on SEO — no more excuses.

Speaker details:

Jeff Baker
As Brafton’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff spearheads our internal marketing efforts and makes sure our brand always adheres to the latest content marketing best practices. On top of helping direct our content marketing strategy and execution, he also hosts Brafton’s “Above the Fold” podcast.

Outside of his work in the digital marketing industry, Jeff is something of a woodworker, carving sculptures, jewelry and more by hand.

Marcus Tandler
Marcus loves SEO and has been active in the industry since 1998. In addition to his role at Ryte, he is a frequent speaker at global conferences such as TEDx, SMX, and O’Reilly’s web2.0 expo, guest-speaker at in-house events at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, and lecturer at the FHWS, HM, and the FH Salzburg. In April 2017, he was awarded “European Search Personality of the Year.