Brafton content writers are industry-focused experts trained in best practices for researching and writing white papers. Blending comprehensive analysis with captivating storytelling, your white paper writer will craft the long-form essay thanks to his or her experience being fully immersed in not just your industry, but your organization’s messaging. Your finished white paper will be certain to impress your readers and target audience.

To begin, your content writer will work with you, your strategist and your project manager to nail down the intricacies of your industry and your place in it. This may include interviews with subject matter experts on your staff or others who can provide insight regarding news, trends, specific products and services, and solutions to common industry problems.

Next comes the white paper researching phase. Your content writer will thoroughly investigate both recommended information sources and established industry authorities. Data collection and analysis is used to inform the writing of your white paper, demonstrating your brand’s dedication to hard facts to back up any and all assertions.

Your white paper writer will then put his or her content marketing expertise to use, implementing journalistic and creative writing best practices along with proven marketing methodology. You will be able to examine a first draft and provide feedback regarding edits, ideas or suggestions. This feedback will be incorporated into the white paper before it is sent to Brafton graphic designers for formatting.

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