Search Engine Optimization

When people search, we help them find you

Content is SEO. And we don’t see that changing any time soon. Don’t take our word for it, ask Google. We’re a content marketing agency that offers proven SEO strategies to drive visibility and traffic for your company.

Optimized for success


People who search the web with unbranded queries are perhaps the most important people for marketers to target. Why? They don’t know you, you don’t know them, but they need something your company can offer. The number of searches in your space is fixed. How many search clicks you get is largely determined by your content and the engagement it achieves. That, you can control. 

Brafton’s content marketing strategists guide you on the formats and techniques that ensure you earn the most search benefits. Here are a few of the practices and reports we provide BEFORE your content is created:

Competitive SEO Analysis; Technical SEO Website Audit
SEO Keyword Research; Keyword Strategies
Question Mapping: Content for Searchers’ Queries
Content Integration Guidelines; Optimized Meta Tags

We measure and track your SEO progress and competitive standing as part of our ongoing Content Analytics.

Content diversification for SEO

Because answers come in many forms & formats

As videos and graphics take up more search real estate, our content marketing offerings across writing, editorial and graphics give you the opportunity to appeal to searchers (and search engines) no matter which format they prefer.

Let’s not get over-wordy; as Matt Cutts says

“There are certainly other types of content, and over time Google wants to understand all [forms] of authority.”

Social as a search play

Who says the world isn’t a popularity contest? There’s measurable proof that positive social marketing indicators correlate with strong search performance. Our creative teams put a premium on content that is interesting enough to engage inundated social users, and we can also help you develop a custom social marketing plan to strengthen your web performance overall.

Becoming your customers’ No.1

Still worried about being No. 1? The first spot in a search result page isn’t fixed; each user sees unique results. As your content earns more clicks from users through search AND other channels, it’s more likely that you appear in top spots of their personal search results. This means the more they’re searching for answers about your services, the closer they’re getting to you – and that’s always a good spot to be in.

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Knovel, a leading source for engineering information and data, wanted to get on the map with new customers and stay in front of clients between their projects. The content needed a lot of authority to answer queries better than the competition. See how our competitive SEO analysis, keyword strategy and no-nonsense focus earned them major organic growth.

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