Marketers need web analytics, but which benchmarks should they read?

Published on
by Brafton Editorial
Marketers turn to certain types of analytics for insights and inspiration.

Analytics are the only way to tell if content marketing and social media marketing initiatives generate traffic increases and improve PageRank in SERPS. SEOmoz recently conducted a survey of 780 marketers and site readers, finding out what data marketers embrace as they strive to develop SEO strategies that can improve brand lift.

According to the survey, marketers prefer web analytics data that helps them optimize, audit and report about user behavior. In fact, 51 percent of survey respondents reported that it was critical. This was followed by conversion data from web analytics, keyword rank position and web index link data (which sites link to other sites). Social conversion tracking was considered moderately important to 31 percent of marketers, SEOmoz reported.

Brafton recently reported that personalized search is likely to grow, thanks to Google initiatives that prioritize customization. In an age where digital experts and marketers are working overtime to get their hands on insightful analytics, it will be increasingly important to stay on top of Google’s actions.

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