ClickCease Account Management Teams at Brafton

Brafton’s account management team offers consultancy to help you maximize your content marketing ROI. Our in-house experts have content marketing and search experience with roots back to the dawn of SEO. They help you establish a content strategy that is brand appropriate, and then work with you to make this content SEO- friendly. Your account manager works to ensure your content goals are met, and they’ll answer your questions.

Brafton regularly recommends new strategies to help us get the most out of our content. They always provide us with SEO tips and ways we can refocus our content to better target convertible audiences. 

Amy Burnis
Marketing Director

Content Marketing Consultancy

Every business is different: It’s important to publish content that shapes your unique brand and appeals to your target audience. Your account manager will work with you on establishing a custom editorial brief that dictates the type of content that will work best for your brand – from conversational blog posts to breaking news coverage, or some combination of content types.

Brafton account managers also liaise with our social media marketing team to offer you guidance on a social content strategy that can enhance your branding efforts and maximize traffic to your site.

Search Consultancy

Your account manager will work with you on an optimal keyword strategy and SEO integration best practices to ensure that your Brafton content is as search-friendly as it is reader-friendly.

Based on your keyword agenda, Brafton account managers will also provide insight on internal linking structures for your content to direct traffic to your most valuable, relevant landing pages in order to increase conversion.

Ongoing Analytics

Establishing a content marketing strategy and creating custom news and content is only the beginning of your content marketing campaign. Brafton’s team of experts work with clients to regularly measure the results of news content marketing and determine what best drives traffic and fosters engagement on the web.

Our measurable results ensure that you’re getting a return on your investment.