From blog articles and animated videos to infographics, ebooks and whitepapers, various types of assets can elevate your blog and convey a message through killer content. With so many companies hopping aboard the content marketing train, it’s important that you understand how to separate yourself as a business when it comes to content distribution.

Utilizing different launchpads, such as podcasts, email, social media, or taking a new route like trying a strategic partnership, can set you apart from the rest.

In this week’s edition of the Content Marketing Weekly, we’ll take a look at some of the latest news surrounding those launchpads and how these strategies can work for you.

Spotify’s Rumored ‘Create a Podcast’ Feature Could be a Valuable Resource for Marketers

The podcast industry is growing in popularity and is expected to generate $1 billion in annual revenue by 2021, according to the Verge. Now it’s easier than ever to create your own space to sound off – rumor has it Spotify is launching a button within its app that allows users to record, edit and publish audio content making it seamless to join this booming industry.

What does that mean for content marketers? It’s a new avenue for content distribution. Digital tools are nothing short of an advantage when you’re in the business of content marketing, and this could be yet another launchpad for getting content out there in a fun and trendy way. Another perk of the rumored app feature? There’s an analytics dashboard to track listener demographics and engagement data, make it easier to track the ROI.

Read the article by Amy Gesenhues in its entirety here.

Content Marketing World Explains Why Emails Cheat (and Why They Work so Well)

We content junkies tend to get overly excited this time of year when the Content Marketing World conference and expo comes around, and 2019 made a great impression. During a workshop on Tuesday, Sept. 3, Jessica Best, vice president of data-driven marketing at Barkley, talked about email marketing and how valuable it is for building strong relationships between companies and customers.

According to Best, email campaigns have a 20-25% open rate, but that only gives you limited opportunity to shoot your shot. You don’t want to distribute content that comes off too salesy; you should aim to build emotional loyalty with those who exist on your email list. To do this, Best suggested the following:

  • Personalize emails and be relevant.
  • Segment messages for greater personalization.
  • Make your email accessible regardless of the device.
  • Make all of your content skimmable, but don’t cut things too short.
  • Always plan your email marketing campaign to fit with the rest of your strategy.

Learn more about the discussion at Content Marketing World here.

A Beginner’s Guide To Executing A Social Media Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is the step-by-step strategy that gets customers from one end of the conversion stage to the next in hopes of making it to the sale. A social media marketing funnel is similar, with a specific focus dedicated to this marketing channel.

As social media continues to gain popularity and become a major part of our everyday lives, it’s wise for businesses to use social platforms to their fullest extent, especially if it means gaining traction and new customers.

To achieve this, Forbes Council member Sam Founda recommended leading readers through the following steps:

Step 1: Awareness. Give those who have never heard of you the great content they need to stick around.

Step 2: Consideration. Increase your credibility by sharing testimonials and reviews.

Step 3: Decision. Give readers the call to action, whether it be an email subscription, or a free ticket to a webinar.

Read more at Forbes.

Libris by PhotoShelter and Greenfly Announce Strategic Partnership at Content Marketing World #CMWorld

Another great piece of news gathered at this year’s Content Marketing World was the announcement of the partnership between Libris by PhotoShelter and Greengly Inc. Using Libris’ digital asset management platform for visuals and Greenfly’s Greenfly Connect for automated social media workflows, the two believe they have the power to boost their social reach exponentially.

“Content without distribution is a lost opportunity. This partnership enables social teams to fully unlock the incredible potential of their visual assets housed within Libris, getting it into the hands of their community quickly to maximize social reach and engagement,” said Daniel Kirschner, CEO of Greenfly.

Learn more about the strategic partnership here.

If you’re in need of a marketing refresh, think about your position in the industry and how fuel your brand in a podcast setting. Or, consider a business partnership with a brand you stand behind.

For more insight and content marketing tips, stop by next time for another edition of the Content Marketing Weekly!

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