When you're investing in content marketing services, make sure it can seamlessly be delivered to your website.

You’ve invested time and money in the content you’re excited to share with your audience. But when you can’t actually publish it on your website, it’s similar to the “all dressed up and no where to go” analogy.

I’ve heard time and time again of experiences when content providers create quality materials, but don’t have the means of getting it onto your site. The content collects dust and the ROI is a whopping zero dollars.

DrupalAs a web developer at Brafton, it’s my team’s job to make sure all content is seamlessly delivered to our clients’ websites. We’re immersed in content management systems that span WordPress, Joomla, Hubspot – and my personal favorite, Drupal.

As we’ve said before, Drupal is like “the swiss army knife of CMSs due to its particularly high customizability.” I like Drupal because it’s an exclusive experience – you have to be somewhat tech savvy to understand it, especially if you’re setting it up from scratch. Its intricacies are the main benefit. While it’s complex to navigate at first, once you’re accustomed to it, it’s completely customizable.

Right now 15 percent of Brafton’s clients operate on Drupal. When a client signs on, it’s my job to make sure the website’s environment is ready for us. Once Drupal has been installed and curling options have been enabled, I simply add our plugin and troubleshoot any issues that may come up. (To learn more about what we do, check out this post about how content publication technically works.)

And once the integration is complete, here’s what it looks like when you hit the button to publish multimedia content:


Video Blog on Drupal Platform

Pull Quotes:

Drupal Example Inline Images


For more information on Brafton’s integration, visit our Support page.

Buteau Francois, Jr. is a web developer at Brafton Inc. Before joining the Brafton team, he majored in computer science at Boston College. When he's not in the office you can find him cheering for the Celtics.