As the year winds down, most people are putting work aside and thinking about the holidays. But us marketers? We’re planners. We’ve squared away our plans for the season ages ago and are already dreaming up marketing ideas to rocket us into a successful 2017.

12 Days of Content 2017

In our fourth annual 12 Days of Content Series, we’ll be drilling down into the top content marketing trends of 2016 that we are confident will continue to resonate well into the new year. To do so, we asked our internal experts to weigh in on their favorite content marketing examples of everything from graphic design and UX to podcasting and video blogs.

Beginning Dec. 5, we’ll be publishing 12 blogs featuring examples of exemplary online content from businesses across a swath of industries.

Throughout the month, we’ll be focusing on (in no particular order) trends among the following:

We’ve rounded up a handful of brands in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries who have created content in these 12 categories that really exemplify industry-leading tactics and styles we think will lead us into 2017. Our internal experts – along with industry insiders from the likes of Philips, Airbnb and more – are weighing in on why these brands have found so much success, and how you can apply similar tactics to your own marketing efforts.

In this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, the key to finding success for your brand is not just following the trends, but staying at the forefront.

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Samantha Gordon is the Managing Editor of With a diverse background writing and editing everything from blogs and whitepapers to romance and sci-fi, Samantha strives for greatness in grammar and quality.