Signs you work in video marketing - straight from our team of video producers and animators.
Video production at a marketing company is a balancing act: It means adapting to the needs of a corporate audience while simultaneously keeping your creative juices flowing. It’s as nuanced and scientific as finding the perfect gif.
On the video team, everyone knows that a compelling marketing video effectively tells a story. So when asked how they do it, they shared their experiences through the greatest story telling medium of our time.

Here’s a glimpse into our video marketing team:

When brainstorming ideas: 

When finally booking a shoot that isn’t in a corporate office building:

…And when it gets cancelled:

When packing up equipment for an on-location shoot:

4. packing up equipment for the shoot

…And having to cart it through the airport:

When somebody in baggage claim inevitably says, “What’s in the trunk? A body?”

When setting up an interview with yourself as a stand in:

7. setting up a shot with yourself as a stand in

Sifting through interview footage:

9. sifiting through the interview footage

Getting new software and plugins:

Seamlessly cutting in stock footage:

When updates cause more problems than they fix:

11. when updates cause more problems than they fix

Adding subtle visual flair:

12. adding subtle visual flair

When color grading:

When rendering:

When the strategy is successful: 
19. when the strategy works
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John works on Brafton's video team. He mostly shoots and edits but occasionally cleans the kitchen.