Molly Buccini

We’ve talked before about the characteristics of a good content writer: They’re passionate storytellers. They find unique ways to share information. They know how to do their research and collaborate.

And at Brafton, we consider ourselves lucky because our writers fit the bill.

We asked our teams, spanning Chicago and Boston, what it’s like on the job – the perks, the silliness, and what is really feels like to be a full-time writer. Here’s a peek into their lives on the job, told through GIFs.


When you notice grammar mistakes in everything you read, from signs at grocery stores to Facebook event descriptions. And they make you cringe. Ashley Greene

When you judge your friends’ social media posts for not having perfect AP style: Elizabeth OMalley

When you begin to live edit people’s sentences. Sam Hayes

When you get a warm fuzzy feeling when someone appreciates the clever pun you put into a headline. Lauren Kaye

When you hit your clients with industry news they didn’t even see coming. Rebecca Bakken

When the sound of ferocious typing nearby gives you pangs of jealousy. Christine Hayes

When you step into a situation and solve issues effortlessly.  Liam Feldstein

When your phone’s autocorrect no longer changes the phrase “awk wording” Jason Segarra

When you start calling friends out in conversation for misleading or inaccurate sources. Owen Ziegler

When you can spit statistics better than the med school students at the party. Irene Yukash

When you send off a draft you think you nailed and then it comes back with tons of edits. Patrick Lindsey

When you can’t even read a recipe without trying to highlight the constant repetition of “Mix,” “Bake” and “Stir” Jason Segarra

When your teammates aren’t receptive to your latest and greatest blog topic. Molly Buccini

When you feel disgusted with yourself when you get called out for making one of those grievous grammar errors in a flurry of writing – like misusing its when you mean it’s. Lauren Kaye

When wake up in a cold sweat thinking there’s a glaring typo in something that’s live on the site. Alex Butzbach

When you see a combo of social shares and contact requests coming through on your post, and you’re all: Katherine Griwert
diddy ballin

When the end of the month’s got you like: Liz Warren

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