Molly Buccini

Just think: 10 years ago a social media manager was a title that didn’t exist – and now, it’s hard to find a business that doesn’t have a social media presence.

Those of us who work in social media understand that it’s far more complicated than surfing Facebook all day – despite what our parents and older generations might think.  From paid social to measuring success and even tackling bilingual strategies – our social media teams have seen it all.

Here’s just a few signs you’re a social media manager, as told through our team in GIFs. Let us know your telltale signs in the comments.

When you can think of a comparable cat GIF for every life situation. Max Adagio

When you hear about the latest breaking news before any of your friends/family. Kendra Bissonnette

When you find yourself bookmarking relevant news articles for clients on the T, while watching TV, laying in bed, in your sleep. Kyle Gaw

When you get confused by which voice you’re supposed to be tweeting from at this very moment… Jill DiLibero

When you can keep up with all of the social interactions during a live event. Max Adagio

When you live in constant fear of posting something on the wrong account. Emily Joria

When the stress of having 140 characters or less transfers to your text messaging habits. Kyle Gaw

When you have National Pizza Month, National Cat Day, and other obscure holidays on your calendar. Rachel Caruso

When your parents will never be able to explain what you do for a living. Kaitlyn Barry

When you can pick out every social media etiquette error that comes across your feed. Max Adagio

When  you see the words “Love Potion #9” and it reads to you as  “Love Potion Hashtag 9” Bob McHugh

When you skip traditional customer support channels in favor of tweeting at a company. Kyle Gaw

When all of your bookmarks are comprised of different Twitter feeds. Justin Oram

When you can find the tweetable nuggets in a blog post in 0.5 seconds. Max Adagio

When finding a typo in one of your posts ruins the rest of your day. Emily Joria

When you are subconsciously optimizing your personal social media posts for engagement. Molly Buccini

When you neglect your own social media profiles because you spend your day in everyone else’s… Jill DiLibero


When it’s impossible for an outsider to tell if you’re goofing off by looking at your screen . “He’s got 8 facebook tabs open. He must be working really hard!” Bob McHugh

When you realize that currently hundreds of posts are going out, having all been scheduled by you. Max Adagio


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