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Sabrina Brett’s creative flair encompasses all aspects of her life: Whether she’s on the job as a content marketing strategist at Brafton or expressing herself through visual and performance art. Her paintings can be found on display in the lobby of Brafton’s San Francisco hub, while several floors above she’s responsible for crafting client strategies, many of which incorporate insights she said she’s gained from her artistic discipline.

In addition to having years of experience in web content management, Sabrina is a classically trained vocalist. She discovered her passion for visual art in 2010 while studying abroad in Austria. Inspired by the Viennese Secessionists, she began painting soon after her return to the states, without any formal training.

“I have much more experience in performance than visual art,” Sabrina said. “However, visual art affords me a certain freedom that I never experienced in the world of singing operettas. As an untrained visual artist, I have no concept of what I can’t do, and therefore, I’m not limited to a prescribed set of rules.”

Experimentation has been her key to success in the art world, incorporating anything from aluminum to fish net into her paintings to create unique mixed-media compositions. Similarly, a good content strategy weaves together different formats and business goals to come up an integrated and excellent campaign.

Surrounded by talent: Brafton’s creative professionals in San Francisco

While on the job at Brafton’s San Francisco office, Sabrina works alongside a team of like-minded creative and talented individuals. Content marketing manager Keyan Kehani is an accomplished musician and another colleague, Brafton writer Eman Romero, recently authored a children’s book.

“This supportive environment in the San Francisco office fosters a desire to collaborate with one another,” she said. “We are continuously working together to brainstorm content ideas, dissect Google Analytics data, and improve our client’s websites and content strategies. We are equally supportive of one another outside of the office, whether going to live performances, watching Braftonians’ short films, reading their blogs and children’s books or going to their art shows.”

It won’t be difficult for Sabrina’s colleagues to support her artwork; it will be on display right in the building’s lobby through February.

Tying art to marketing: How Sabrina’s creative eye benefits her clients

While Sabrina’s experimental art knows no bounds, when it comes to her expertise in the content marketing industry, strategy and planning are Sabrina’s forte. Having an artistic outlet outside of work has positively impacted her understanding of the content marketing industry.

“I consider blogging as an extension and continuation of my art-making process,” she said. “I feel better equipped to review and discuss content strategies with my clients. As an active participant in the social landscape and blogosphere, I understand what drives user interaction and engagement on websites.”

Sabrina said creating a captivating platform is dependent on three factors:

  1. Visual content- large photos, infographics, videos
  2. Direct invitation to interact with a company- contests, calls to action
  3. Clear navigation- concise and user-friendly

Learn more about how Sabrina and her colleagues provide content marketing consultancy and measure results at Brafton.