As an account manager based in Brafton’s Boston office, Mark works with numerous different teams to help plan and implement a variety of clients’ marketing strategies. He’s constantly working with new clients from different industries, something he finds both fun and challenging and makes his role at Brafton fresh and invigorating.

It wasn’t always like this for Mark. He took a few swings at other agencies, but found the everyday work to be too similar and eventually lacking stimulation. He needed something that got the wheels turning a little more, and that’s how he eventually found his way to Brafton.

A day in the life

As an account manager at Brafton, Mark’s main day-to-day responsibility is to help his clients devise their marketing initiatives.

“Sometimes it’s just focusing on one tactic such as SEO visibility,” he says. “[Other times] it’s helping to create full robust marketing campaigns, from content creation to distribution.” 

A big part of Mark’s success is learning his clients’ businesses inside and out to truly understand what their needs are and how to achieve their short- and long-term goals. He sees himself as an extension of his clients’ marketing teams and wants them to look at him in the same way.

“I’m here to help answer any marketing questions they might have,” he says, “and provide insights on the latest trends and best practices in the industry.” This insight is an invaluable asset that helps form the basis of their marketing plans.

It’s that mindset that has formed the foundation of Mark’s success at Brafton. In the fourth quarter of 2019, he was the highest seller on the account management team, which Mark considers among his most noteworthy successes while at Brafton.

A new challenge each day

For Mark, the most exciting part about working at Brafton is that every day presents a new obstacle to overcome.

“Brafton always keeps you on your toes,” he says. “You have to manage multiple clients across multiple verticals and with different marketing knowledge sets, so you always need to bring your A game.”

This stands in sharp contrast to his past agency experiences, where he focused on only one discipline and grew so familiar with the role that after four years it had become painfully monotonous. That’s part of what drove him to seek a more varied, less rigid position. At Brafton, Mark has an opportunity every time he logs on to work to get his hands dirty in several different aspects of marketing, keeping the job fresh and exciting.

More than that, Mark praises the exceptional level of talent that he’s worked with since joining Brafton.

“I’ve worked with some of the most creative and intelligent people in my professional career thus far,” he says. 

As an account manager, he collaborates with people on so many different teams, including editorial, design and animation. And he’s quick to note that it’s the project managers who bind everything together by keeping everything on track, organized and running smoothly.

Before coming to Brafton

Mark started his journey at UMass Amherst, where he studied communication and media and was a member of the university’s Jewish Leaders in Business. After graduating in 2013, he joined another agency as an assistant media planner/buyer.

From there it was only up: Mark became a search marketing analyst less than a year after starting, before moving to performance media specialist. After more than four years, Mark felt the time was right for a switch, and in 2018 he joined Brafton in his current role.

Out and about

Mark leads a robust, active life outside of Brafton. During the winter months, he likes to take treks to the mountains to ski, and before COVID-19 shut down outdoor gatherings, he loved to attend live shows and concerts.

He also has an artistic side: While studying at UMass, he played the French horn in the university’s symphony band.

Like many others who’ve spent years in agency life, Mark is full of information on all sorts of different subjects, making him an asset on any bar trivia team. To top it off, Mark is a confirmed history buff who loves indulging in the occasional Ken Burns documentary.

What’s clear is that Mark’s life is underpinned by an energy and enthusiasm that drives his success at Brafton. Whether it’s skiing, playing the French horn or shaping clients’ marketing strategies, Mark always comes ready to bring his best.

That mentality has paid off well for him so far, and it looks set to keep driving his career forward as he continues to deliver top-notch strategies for his clients.

Dan Haverty is a Senior Editorial Specialist at Brafton. Currently based in Boston, he also spent time living in Ireland and Washington, DC. When he isn’t writing, Dan enjoys reading, cooking and hiking, and he recently became an avid yoga practitioner.