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Creativity isn’t just about putting words on a page or graphics on a pedestal. It’s about conversations, too. Navigating what a client wants and how our creative production staff unite for delivery — like The Avengers with slightly less lycra — means you have to adapt and think on your feet. Molly Rosseau, a Senior Production Project Manager here at Brafton, relishes that challenge. She’s the anchor for many of our customers, shepherding copy from initial discussions to the final edit.  

“I’d never worked at an agency before,” she tells us, “but prior to working in account and project management, I did a stint as a credit union marketing assistant for about a year after college. So, I wanted to get back into that marketing mold! Brafton lets me combine my interest in creative marketing with project and account skills — the best of both worlds. I’m glad I made the move.”

Yeah, Molly’s kind of an all-rounder: a master juggler scrutinizing each ball until it lands in her hands again. Being a master juggler, Molly found time in her busy schedule to tell us more about her life at Brafton and beyond. 

Big Talent On Display 

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that’s not really true. It’s in the capable grip of an account manager who can coordinate manufacturers, engineers, visual artists and trade specialists to give a brand the light it needs to shine. That was Molly’s old job. 

“For 3 years, I managed projects at Preferred Display Inc., a Connecticut company that designed and produced cosmetic displays for huge international retailers such as Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Mecca. We served smaller boutique retailers and spas, too”. Whenever you’d see a chic mascara stand or lipsticks arranged like a buffet in a mall, there was a chance her team was behind it.

This gave Molly a taste of tantalizing commercial goals — the aim to not only represent what a brand does best, but also ensure she could meet more practical demands for budget and timescales. Soon enough, bigger fish came calling. 

“In 2019,” she says, “PDI opened a new company called Preferred Visual International, which I joined as an account and project manager with some dabblings in social media, email and over-the-top (OTT) marketing. We branched out into storefront displays, event and trade show exhibits and influencer promo kits.” 

Her client list grew along with her resume. Major players such as PepsiCo, Unilever and Estee Lauder relied on Molly for rapid deliverables wherever they wanted to set heads spinning.

Bringing A Wry Eye To Brafton 

Molly’s success with us so far has been stratospheric. After tying many complex projects together and dealing with tight turnarounds, she was promoted to a senior role in less than a year. For Molly, that means more diversity and puzzle solving. She’s always excited to meet clientele, learn about their business and pull content toward their ambitions.

What does attribute to her wins with us? “I’m pretty laid back and positive,” she says, “which helps me handle all the requests and updates that hit me through the day. Maybe my sarcastic sense of humor is a part of that as well. You have to roll with whatever’s thrown at you — the expected and unexpected — and find stable ground.” She also really, really loves her dog, Piper; perhaps it’s more like an obsession. Heart, soul and levity are a fantastic alchemy for agency work. 

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Life Is A Project, Too 

As plates spin like planets around her, you’d imagine Molly leaves decisions to other people in her spare time. That isn’t the case, though. She actually finds joy in strategizing more ways to have fun with her loved ones. 

“I love planning event get-togethers with my friends and family. Bachelorette parties, bridal or baby showers, weekends away … They all absolutely demand shared Google Sheets, and don’t tell me otherwise! This reflects my position at Brafton quite a bit, in which organization can’t be left floundering even for the smallest detail.” 

She often hosts these events; Molly’s house is a revolving door of chips and dips. Although she loves making festive cocktails and appetizers, she leaves the real cooking to her husband, whom she describes as a “Big Green Egg aficionado”. Whenever they can, the pair enjoy visiting new restaurants, taking Piper to the park or local walking trails and sharing a table at a brewery. Molly’s a keen yoga fan, too. We knew it — flexibility is more than a professional skill for this swish hand on our most delicate briefs.