Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets, isn’t it? It’s the first time of the year when you feel like you need to break down on that New Year’s diet and really just let loose.

Or, well, that’s what we did here at Brafton’s Boston office for the holiday.

All of our employees, across all offices, are undeniably talented. Yet, some of us have talents beyond content marketing that are a benefit to the rest of us. What is that talent you ask? Baking!

So, with the sweetest holiday of all (sorry Halloween) falling on a work day, and an office sprinkled with bakers, the Fun Committee knew exactly how to handle this day – a bake sale!

As much as we’d like to use the money for a summertime booze cruise around the Harbor, the funds raised are heading somewhere far more important. This month we’re fundraising for something wonderful and close to home for many Boston employees – the Boston Marathon.

Another talent some of our employees have is being able to run long distances. I am not one of those people, but one of our own is! And she’s prepping to run one of the most prestigious, iconic and respected marathons in the country.

Run, Emily, Run

Emily Clark Brafton Senior CMS

Emily Clark, a Senior Content Marketing Specialist, will be running the 26.2-mile race in April to support a local Boston charity. Tenacity is a nonprofit organization that helps children succeed in the Boston public school system. They provide mentoring and family support, and teach lifelong skills to help youth graduate from high school and reach post-secondary school success.

In addition to the bake sale, some of the Fun Committee members came up with another sweet treat to help Emily raise money for Tenacity. (Want to learn more about Emily and the cause she’s supporting? Check it out.)



What’s a candygram, you ask? Well, think of the movie Mean Girls. In it, they give out “candy cane grams” around Christmas. Still lost? We filled bags with yummy candy and love for coworkers to send to each other. Some were from secret admirers of their coworkers’ work while others came from thoughtful bosses with a giving spirit.


On Tuesday morning, some members of the Fun Committee got together to stuff the candygrams while trying to not eat all the candy.

Brafton makes candygrams for charity

Later in the afternoon, a bunch of generous Brafton folks brought out their best baked goods and called upon all to embrace their sweet tooth and donate a couple of bucks in exchange for a sugary midday snack.

While the bake sale was only held in our Boston office, our Chicago office joined us in selling candygrams. We may be 938 miles apart, but cross-office activities are something we at Brafton take seriously. From our new tradition of monthly pancake breakfasts to location-specific charity fundraisers and after hours events, we take our community just as seriously as we take our content marketing.

All in all, Valentine’s Day was a happy one for Brafton. Candy, baked goods and great co-workers, what more could you have asked for?

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Courtney Charroux is a Social Media Strategist in Boston. When she’s not writing blogs about sports, she’s either watching them or a Netflix series with a large iced coffee.