Alexander Santo

When he’s not belting out Billy Joel songs at karaoke, Senior Social & Promotions Strategist Ryan Pecinka can be found managing ad campaigns for some of Brafton’s biggest clients. Social media planning, visual content creation, ad bidding – you name it, and there’s a good chance Ryan has mastered it. He’s kind of a big shot around here.

Take a look at what Ryan brings to Brafton’s social media department:

Keeping an eye on the horizon

Social media is a constantly evolving channel, bringing new opportunities and insights to marketers every day. It’s exactly that exciting pace of change that motivates Ryan to keep learning and experimenting.

Whether it’s playing with new Instagram tools, analyzing the results of his latest LinkedIn ad campaigns or catching up on industry news, Ryan is constantly on the lookout for ways to work smarter and stay ahead of the curve.

“The social media world is constantly changing every day, and if you’re staying stagnant and not evolving, you’ll get left behind,” Ryan said.

Coming in hot

It didn’t take long for Ryan to make a splash in the marketing industry. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Ryan became an account coordinator at a recruitment advertising agency in Newton, MA. There, he quickly showed his prowess in managing ad campaigns by expertly working with all kinds of media. During his tenure at the agency, Ryan managed 20 accounts simultaneously, handling campaigns spread across print, digital, TV and radio channels.

In 2016, Ryan joined the Brafton social media team, where he quickly became the go-to person for complex social media campaigns. If you hear songs from Khalid bumping in his headphones, Ryan’s probably laser-focused on his current project.

Building campaigns with insight and dedication

What does an average day look like for a Senior Social & Promotions Strategist? When Ryan’s around, you can be sure there are some Game of Thrones theories under heavy discussion. But before he dives into conversations about the fate of House Stark, Ryan is all business.

On a typical day, he starts with a run through of his inbox as he prepares his task list. With the planning stage out of the way, Ryan then spends some time in Google Ads, checking on campaigns for various clients. Like a dedicated craftsman who tinkers with his projects until they are just right, Ryan fine-tunes his pay-per-click campaigns by adjusting bid strategies, analyzing keyword reports and writing compelling headlines.

When the PPC work is completed, Ryan switches gears and digs into the creative and strategic work of actively managing social media feeds for some of Brafton’s nationally recognized clients. Because social media can take so many forms, the work Ryan does is never boring. He gets to utilize his creative thinking skills to develop social graphics and videos, and he taps into his analytical side as he monitors social communities and schedules posts.

Throughout the day, Ryan pivots between thinking about high-level strategy and the detailed work that goes into every social media post he crafts.

Supporting the team

In the always active social media world, it’s easy for strategists to feel overwhelmed, but Ryan stays focused with the support of a solid team. Every day, Brafton’s social media staff members bounce ideas off one another to create the best content possible.

“Nobody is afraid to ask for help when they need it, and everyone is willing to lend a hand when needed,” Ryan said.

As one might expect with a social team, Brafton’s strategists keep up the spirit of collaboration outside of the office, enjoying post-work drinks, bowling and other activities.

In fact, Ryan’s commitment to his team’s success was formally recognized when he won the Brafton Shout Out Award in October. When a client needed a major amount of work completed at short notice, Ryan stepped up and turned around a rush delivery with less than 24 hours’ notice.

So what makes Ryan Pecinka a big shot strategist? It’s his determination to help clients succeed, his efforts to stay on the bleeding edge of social media marketing and his ability to have fun while getting the job done.