Whether it takes the form of images, video, or even alternative file formats, search engine optimization (SEO) can be applied to all types of web content, according to Herndon Hasty in a recent piece for Search Engine Watch.
Hasty encourages website operators to question whether the site is providing the best value possible for the company: "For much of the answer, you’ll immediately think of the big, common pieces of the site, like your page templates and checkout procedures. You forked out good money for these features and want to see them earn it back in spades."

However, Hasty writes, other aspects of the site, like pictures and video, can make a huge difference to search engine optimization (SEO). Adding metatags to pictures and allowing them to be indexed by search engines can be a big SEO bonus.

Posting videos to YouTube is now a necessity, not an option, according to Hasty, saying that "by not participating, you’ve already ceded control of [your brand] to everyone else – including your competitors."

Taking mobile users into account is another necessity for improving search engine optimization (SEO), say analysts, as smartphones become a more important means for consumers to access web, image, and video content.