As more companies look for inexpensive ways to provide return on investment, one firm which assists Americans in finding a home or apartment is ramping up its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

According to PRIMEDIA , which helps people with living arrangements though its print publications and websites like, and, the company intends to further increase traffic and expand its revenue using search engine optimization (SEO) throughout 2009.

Charles Stubbs, president and CEO of PRIMEDIA, said the company intends to use search engine optimization to increase market share and customer count for the largest part of its business – Apartment Guide and

"We also aim to aggressively grow our business by focusing on driving revenue growth and improving site engineering and performance, while increasing traffic primarily through search engine optimization," said Stubbs.

An outlook report this week from online marketing agency Razorfish predicts that 2009 will be the first year the budgets for paid search decrease, anticipating the drop to be as high as 10 percent. Conversely, the report expects many companies to shift their online marketing efforts to search engine optimization (SEO).