The long-awaited release of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 operating systems will have a significant impact across a number of tech sectors, but search engine optimization (SEO) could be particularly changed, experts say.

Windows Mobile 7 was rolled out at the Mobile World Congress this week. Among its many new features, a dedicated button that brings users directly to a Bing search prompt is the most likely to make waves among search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. "The more of these handsets that are sold, the more that Bing should see growth in mobile search volumes," writes Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land.

Other pundits, like PC World’s Jeff Bertolucci, agree with Sterling: "If Windows Phone 7 is a big success, Bing’s market share would rise. Redmond has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build and market Bing, which has become a very capable alternative to Google and Yahoo."

Experts say that, although Bing’s market share remains a fraction of the size of Google’s, the Microsoft search engine has continued to grow since its launch last summer.