While the still-developing rivalry between Google and Microsoft’s Bing has already had a signal effect on search engine optimization (SEO), the two companies have lately taken to aping each other’s every move, including the publication of webmaster FAQs.

Three days after Bing rolled out a revamped list of frequently asked questions for webmasters – covering a variety of subjects from search engine optimization (SEO) to de-listing errors – Google posted one of its own, drawn from content on the company’s webmaster forums.

Nathania Johnson, writing at Search Engine Watch, says that the advent of new FAQs for webmasters is a boon to search engine optimization (SEO), and that both companies are “working to provide the best information for developing sites and getting them indexed.”

Surveys conducted in recent months show that Bing has made small but noticeable strides since its introduction earlier this year. Microsoft’s search engine has claimed roughly 10 percent of U.S. search traffic, and could be set for further gains with the regulatory approval of a deal that would see it replace Yahoo’s search engine.