Showing just how far search engine optimization has come over the last decade, the University of California, San Diego is offering an SEO course which will give students college credit.

The course, entitled "SEO & SEM: The Fast Track to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing," is taught over three days and students will receive 2.5 credits from the college in what is believed to be the only program in the country that gives college credit for an search engine optimization (SEO) course.

Garry Grant, the CEO of SEO Inc., the company teaching the course, says the course has been a success in the past and believes it will continue to attract students.

"This our third semester teaching the course at UCSD, and I anticipate student interest will keep it a part of the university’s catalog on a continuing basis," said Grant. "SEO is a valuable tool that can be used in any business segment or industry."

The course would appear to be extremely beneficial in the corporate world as a recent study from practical ecommerce found that although most companies use search engine optimization (SEO) practices, they don’t understand the concept or know how to spot unethical SEO tactics.