Company websites and blogs are not the only online content that can benefit from the expert application of search engine optimization (SEO). Postings to employment websites like Monster and SimplyHired can be made more effective – resulting in better hires – with careful attention paid to SEO.

Francis Larkin, a senior product manager at SimplyHired, said that "more and more organizations are looking to internet recruiting strategies to attract talented employees because the average cost-per-hire is significantly less." SimplyHired offers a search engine optimization (SEO) guide to employers who advertise positions on the site.

An analysis of human resources-oriented search engine optimization (SEO) conducted by HR consultant SharkStrike asserts that the practice can attract more high-quality job candidates, fewer low-quality job candidates, and perhaps most importantly, produce a further reduction in hiring costs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a rapidly expanding field, with more and more of the world’s commerce and socialization moving onto the web. Companies with proper SEO in their websites can expect to see broad increases in traffic and ROI.