With the state of the economy some businesses are hesitant to increase their marketing budget for search engine optimization (SEO), but one expert says that a quality SEO campaign will "pay for itself."

In a column for Search Engine Watch, David Dalka writes that cost is actually not the factor companies should be thinking of when considering using search engine optimization (SEO). Instead, Dalka says companies should focus on the effectiveness and the impact the campaign will have on profits.

"[Quality SEO] can dramatically transform profitability of a business, as it has superior economics when compared to traditional media spending," Dalka writes. "However, since this value proposition is not yet understood by many management team executives, it often lacks the executive support it requires both in terms of financial resources and supporting needed operational changes."

However, Dalka says that most of the people who buy into a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy don’t fully understand it or how to maximize its profitability, meaning more people need to be educated on SEO and its benefits.

Companies may want to also consider using search engine optimization (SEO) for their recruitment needs. A recent white paper from SharkStrike says that companies can increase their pool of qualified candidates by using search engine optimization (SEO).