Ted Karczewski

Content marketing can support a wide spectrum of marketing channels, and it’s important to utilize each option when engaging with prospective customers. While a lot of the latest industry trends revolve around social media marketing and SEO, email remains useful. In fact, some consumers even look forward to receiving branded content from companies, and targeting these buyers in a timely manner leaves long-lasting impressions on recipients.

According to a new study from ChoozOn Corporation, 40 percent of consumers enjoy getting a large volume of emails each week. The study found that as much as 35 percent of consumers are “very interested” in receiving emails from their favorite brands, and 54 percent of respondents feel they get the right amount of content each week.

While the survey found email penetration rates are high, and recipients embrace content, the data showed 48 percent of respondents find day-to-day management of marketing emails “time consuming.” Forty three percent of survey respondents indicated that they overlook excessive emails.

This insight is important for marketers to understand. Email is a powerful channel, but in order to reach the right audience and retain its attention long enough to communicate a message, content must compel readers to react. Unsurprisingly, a Relevancy Group executive survey found content creation is among the hardest aspects of developing an email marketing strategy.

According to the report, 21 percent of respondents said creative content development is a major obstacle. In addition, 26 percent identified knowing how to optimize and improve marketing programs as a difficulty, and nearly 25 percent cited analyzing campaign results as a major hardship.

Content creation might not be a top priority for some businesses – especially smaller ones. But ChoozOn’s data shows buyers expect branded emails, and insightful messages can minimize the amount of content these leads overlook.