When shoppers hit up the produce section of the food market, they often look for the fruits and vegetables that boast organic stickers. The same may be said of companies: People don’t look to do business with corporations that come up in the advertisements of web searches – they look for the companies that crop up naturally (or organically) in their searches.

Organic food is the result of agriculturalists’ careful work to limit or exclude the use of synthetic materials during production, and business owners need to use similar methods when trying to produce organic search engine optimization (SEO).

To make a website a natural search result, Search Engine Guide advises entrepreneurs to consider content key. Business owners should remember that links are critical to come out on top of searches. Still, natural SEO requires natural linking – only choose links that really add value to a website.

Another tip the guide offers is for entrepreneurs to make their business websites become a resource to shoppers. Instead of simply including content that promotes a brand, offer industry information to web visitors that will help them make informed purchase decisions. This will help consistently drive traffic to a website.

By creating a useful website, executives can achieve sustained, organic SEO results – and that’s key to a healthy business.