When choosing to use online marketing some companies struggle with the decision to use either paid search or search engine optimization (SEO), but one group says it depends on who the target audience is.

Online marketing company Oneupweb writes on its StraightUpSearch blog that companies should really invest in both paid and organic search, but says that the different methods do target different demographics.

One of the factors that could play a part in a company’s decision on which marketing effort to use is gender. According to Oneupweb, both men and women respond more favorably to search engine optimization (SEO), but men tend to find paid search ads less pertinent with only 34.6 percent finding them relevant.

"[I]t’s important to look at your website’s target audience, but it is strongly recommended to use both SEO and paid search in your company’s online marketing strategy," writes the Oneupweb. "The two tactics will work together, reinforcing each other to lead more traffic to your website and give your company its best shot at success!"

In a report earlier this year from eMarketer, analyst Lisa E. Phillips wrote that gender is just one of the factors companies should consider when implementing a search engine optimization strategy.

"[Gender] does not dictate individual actions any more than age, race or ethnicity are absolute determinants," she said . "Still, gender does play a very basic role in human life – and that is borne out even on the internet."