Search engine optimization (SEO) experts say that successful SEO is not simply loading up a website with popular keywords, but a sophisticated combination of content and detailed analysis to determine the effectiveness of SEO efforts.

Mark Jackson, writing for Search Engine Watch, asserts that proper analytics are an absolute requirement for effective search engine optimization (SEO) and recommends Google Analytics to clients of his SEO firm. Having large amounts of detailed data about the effect certain keywords are having on search traffic is invaluable to calibrating site design to maximize SEO effectiveness.

Only with a detailed understanding of analytics data can search engine optimization (SEO) professionals create intelligent strategies for improving page ranks on Google and other search engines. Anchor text, linking, and content creation can all be more effectively targeted with better information.

Google’s analytics suite received extensive updates today, adding new analysis features, custom alerts, and automated intelligence to help SEO professionals better understand the results of their efforts. Additionally, mobile capabilities for the suite have been expanded, as have report generation features.