A new study conducted by Experian Hitwise indicates that term "Facebook" was the most popular organic search term in March.

Experian’s study looked at the top organic search terms for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, the biggest search engines in the United States. "Facebook" was the number one search term, making up 1.17 to 2.60 percent of all organic searches, depending on the search engine. Facebook-related terms accounted for eight of the top 10 search terms across all three search engines.

Yahoo-related terms were a close second, taking up six spots in the top 10. YouTube, MySpace, and eBay were also popular terms.

In regards to paid search terms, "ebay" topped all three search engines and accounted for eight spots. Netflix, Home Depot, Yellow Pages, and Verizon-related terms were also popular as well.

According to another study conducted by Experian Hitwise, Ask.com saw the largest jump in search engine market share in March, up 21 percent. Google still rules the search engine optimization (SEO) roost, though, accounting for 69.97 percent for all search queries in the United States.